About Us

Modern Marketing USA originated from direct experience working in manufacturing environments and managing marketing divisions and teams. We understand a company’s needs and priorities.  Whether it’s production scheduling, raw material orders, logistics, or customer fulfillment, the bread and butter of manufacturing is operations. Suffice it to say, marketing may not be your area-of-expertise, but it is ours.

We are a full-stack marketing agency for manufacturers and distributors. Our approach is very pragmatic – we’re revenue growth-oriented. We create value through highly efficient strategy, execution, and measurement. Our quality deliverables also bring very positive and lucrative results including brand awareness, credibility.

Today’s marketing is about customer experience at every touchpoint, building relationships with customers, adapting continuously the new digital landscapes, and marketing across multiple channels to reach different consumers. Modern marketing is personal. Traditional methods still matter, but they must be incorporated into today’s marketing strategies.

“Do What You Do Best and Outsource the Rest”

Modern Marketing excels at bringing a company a greater number of sales leads through online activity and through traditional methods.  We will bring a company’s marketing activity up to date. We stay on top of and ahead of marketing trends, find the best approach for your specific business, and follow up with the details. Because you should not have to worry about your marketing, that’s our expertise.  With experience, understanding and product and process know-how, you will speak with experts who understand your lingo instead of blank stares or awkward pauses on the phone. WE GET IT.

The Best Compliment We Can Get Is

When Someone Asks Our Client,

“Who Does Your Marketing?”