Triple Your Online B2B Leads

Triple Your Online B2B Leads

5 Simple Tips to Up Your Leads by 300%

Lead generation consistently ranks as a top priority for B2B companies.  But, most companies hurt themselves by relying on their website’s ‘Contact Us’ page as the sole method for prospects to take action.

To turn your website into a lead generation machine, put the following proven recommendations into action and triple your lead count.

Optimize Forms for Leads & Sales

Are your web forms helping or hurting your lead generation efforts? You may have more than enough traffic to achieve your sales goals, but your forms may be getting in the way.  Most online forms are too long, too hidden or too boring to generate leads — but you need them to fill your sales pipeline.  Following these tips will boost your leads by fixing your forms:

1. Use a simple and clean design. Make your forms appear easy to complete by leveraging “white space” to improve your legibility, remove all unnecessary elements and ensure your field labels are understandable.

2. Remove unnecessary fields. Are your online lead generation forms as long and daunting as a tax return? If so, shorten them.  The more fields your forms include, the less likely prospects will be to fill them out.  Ask only for basic contact information that your salespeople will need to make an intelligent follow-up.

3. Fix your buttons. No one wants to “Submit.” Label your buttons so they represent the action the prospect wants to take.  Use phrases like Order Now, Sign Up, Get Started, Begin Free Trial, Request a Quote, Please Contact Me, etc. Also, use large buttons with contrasting colors so the buttons pop off the page.

4. Get creative – Use the “Mad Libs” approach. Try offering your lead generation form in a narrative format, presenting input fields to people as blanks within sentences. It is a fun and interesting way for prospects to take the next step.

5. Shorten your checkout process. If you sell products online, look for opportunities to simplify your checkout process. Cut the number of clicks required to complete the sale.  Communicate shipping costs early.  Offer a progress meter to let people know where they are in the process.  In addition, offer alternative (offline) ways to order.

BONUS – Get creative – Ask a question. Replace your field labels with complete questions, such as “How much do you want to buy?” instead of “Quantity.” It makes your form friendlier and easier to understand.


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